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Posters - Dried Chile Peppers - Chile Seco Poster
The Great Chile Poster

Chile: Ancho Peppers, Mulato Peppers, New Mexico Yellow Peppers, New Mexico Orange Peppers, New Mexico Brown Peppers, New Mexico Red Peppers, Passilla Peppers, Guajillo Peppers, Puya Peppers, New Mexico Green Peppers, Costeno Peppers, Ajipanca Peppers, Chipotle Grande Peppers, Pasilla Oaxaca Peppers, Chilcosle Peppers, Ajomirasol Peppers, Chipotle Peppers, Casabel Peppers, Chihuacle Rojo Peppers, Chilhuacle Amarillo Peppers, Costeno de Amarillo Peppers, Chihuacle Negro Peppers, Mora Peppers, Cayenne Peppers, de Arbol Peppers, Catarina Peppers, Morita Peppers, pepperoncini Peppers, Onza Peppers, Chiltepe Peppers, Chile Seco, Chile Seco de Yucatan, Pico de Payaro Peppers, Tepin Peppers, Pequin Peppers

Full color 24 X 36 inch Dried Chile Peppers - Chile Seco Poster illustrating different types of Chilies with short descriptions of each type of Chile
$16.00 ea.

Please Note: In order to provide you a fair representation of the poster - this image may take a while to load. However, the original posters are of a much higher quality than you will see here.

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Product Code POCSW

Dried Chile - Chile Secco Poster
  Product Code POCSW


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